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Costa Rica

Nature and Mind Art

We specialize in selling art in Costa Rica that celebrates the vibrant nature of our country and the nature around us, exploring the beauty and diversity of our surroundings.

Our collection showcases artwork that captures the essence of nature’s vibrant colors, from lush landscapes to blooming flowers and majestic wildlife.

Beyond the external world, we also offer pieces that delve into the depths of the inner self, reflecting emotions, introspection, and personal growth.

Moreover, we embrace diversity through our art, featuring works that celebrate different cultures, traditions, and perspectives. Our goal is to offer a diverse range of artwork that resonates with individuals, inspiring them to embrace their own unique identity and appreciate the richness of our shared humanity.

“To discover magic in the ordinary and the natural is a gift, a practice of the soul that we can all learn when we set out armed with only our senses, to listen with our hearts and open up our minds.
In these visions and memories of a wonderer and a wanderer, a taste of that magic drips onto the canvas, inviting us all to search for the glory and beauty in each moment of our own lives.”



Our Artworks

About Art in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an amazing country. It is not only about its breathtaking beauty condensed in a small yet overwhelmingly patch of land. Maybe because of its location, somehow it stands as the eye of all hurricanes, having a tradition of peace that wrapped it up with the abolition of the army in 1948 and the declaration of perpetual neutrality in 1983.

With a drive for education and culture, Costa Rica stands as a beacon in the fight against climate change, leading the way with 31% of its land in national parks and reserves. And even beyond these fantastic achievements, with a population that is generally educated and joyful, you find an explosion of color and creativity that has to be known and heard.

We are a community of art supporters who believe that Costa Rican art, with its magnificent expression of peace and color, of depth beyond what is seen into what is felt, and of extreme respect for the neighbor and life, has to be known and heard.

It has to be contagious!

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